Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic!

Decided today that i am going to buy Star Wars the Old Republic on Friday after exams are finished!

My friend has just bought it and says its really good so its decided im gonna fork out the cash and start playing!

Been excited about this game for a long time, and how BioWare have constantly pushed back the release date gives me the idea that the game will be very finely tuned and a great experience! This is the first game i have heard of that could be a "WoW killer" so i hope my expectations are lived up to!

The things that appeal to me are:

The wide range of class choices
The branching storyline
Multiplayer storylines
Great graphics for an MMO

Opinions on the game? Any of you lot players?


  1. Im playing for few weeks but very casual, i dont know why every new mmo is calling "wow killer"... If you like Star Wars universum you will find fun in this game :)

  2. Haha.

    Very funny. Thanks for following and nice background ;)

  3. Not a player but I love learning about games!

  4. I would like to check this game out also. Thanks for sharing!

  5. hahahaha that anakin pic is hilarious!!!!

  6. Hope I have time enough to check this game. Thank you!

  7. I might check this out when i get some moneys!

  8. I played for the first month of it and was not impressed. I say its a waste of money but I am the type of guy who didn't like Dota